Saturday, 17 March 2018

Air Drying Clay Bowl

The second gift for Vicky's birthday was entirely handmade. We wrapped cling film around a bowl and then layered thin circles of air drying clay on top to form a flower shaped bowl. We had used this type of clay once before at a group we used to attend at Fingringhoe Wick but never to make something functional. Once dry, Jess painted it with acrylic paints. We only painted the inside so that the clay can continue to breath and dry in case it wasn't completely dry. I didn't like the idea of trapping moisture in the clay, which would eventually go moldy. With hindsight I think we should have used thicker circles of clay because I think it's probably very fragile and brittle but that's not my problem now that we've given it away!!! ;-)

Friday, 16 March 2018

Hand Painted Glass Vase

When someone special in your child's life has a birthday it would be rude not to make a fuss don't you think?! This post and the next will showcase Jessica's efforts for one of her favourite people on this whole planet!

This first gift (photos are front and back views) is a cylindrical vase decorated with her drawing and writing. She drew her design on a small piece of paper which I placed inside the vase to trace over using black relief outliner. After drying overnight, Jess painted the design herself. Drying it without the paint running was a challenge because of the shape of the vase so we'll be shopping for square vases in future!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

What Came First?

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, we weren't aiming for a chicken but nevertheless, in our case the egg definitely came before the bird, and it was polystyrene egg! Jessica made this little bird from the polystyrene egg, which she painted before giving it wings, a tail, eyes and a beak. I was left to create the feet from thick, purple wire. You could attach a hook to the top of these if you wanted to hang them up or paint extra details like a red breast but we opted for super simple...

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