Thursday, 22 June 2017

Felt Strips and KAM Snaps

Sometimes the simplest of ideas turn out to be wonderful resources for small minds and fingers. This is one such example although they are also teaching Jessica a lesson in patience and persistence because she's not a dab-hand at using snappers yet.

I made this set yesterday afternoon by cutting strips of stiff felt and attaching snaps to each end ensuring that each strip had both a male and female snap-head and that they weren't both face up on the fabric. This means that each strip can be wrapped into a loop and secured with the snaps. Alternatively you can attach the strips together or make felt chains like the one pictured at the top of this post.

I'd hardly begun making them when Jessica wanted to start creating. First on her list of things she could make with them was a house...

Then we made some regular polygons,

a few numbers and letters,

a kite,

and a very long snake that turned into a skipping rope later in the day.

With just one felt strip we had some lovely bangles,

two made a nice crown,

and three made a lovely belt for Jessica. I do not know how many I would need for a belt and I'm not going to find out!

Jessica also enjoyed playing with them without using the snaps using the felt strips to represent things like the sky or the ground. We have already played with them for ages and I'm sure that Jessica will come up with many more ideas once she can use the snaps more confidently. After all, as she told me this week, she does have a much bigger imagination than me! 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Classic - Painted Butterflies

We did an old favourite at Toddler Group yesterday. We painted, folded, squished and printed onto A4 paper before cutting the wings out and peeling the paper open. We stuck the bodies on with double-sided sticky tape then added a couple of Baker Ross' finest eye stickers. These make an excellent alternative to googly eyes when working with young children. They're always incredibly popular at Toddler Group. Everyone loves a sticker!

Jess made four of them! This one is my personal favourite...

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Adapting a Favourite

I have raved about these suncatcher kits from Hobbycraft before but we gave them a twist today. There was some great fine motor skills going on here as Jessica used pipettes to paint the mandala suncatcher.

She delighted in the sound effects and the bubbles. Her delicate squeezes meant, unlike me, she didn't pick up and expel all of the paint in one go so the craft wasn't over in a flash either. It's almost certainly not what was intended by the designers but I love it. 

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