Sunday, 6 August 2017

Blackberry Painting

We have brambles all along the back of our garden and there's a glut of blackberries at the moment. The many that have fallen from the branches are not fit to be eaten so we thought we'd try using them another way yesterday. 

We talked about how dyes and paints used to be made, which we've occasionally seen discussed by Mr Maker - thank you CBeebies. Then Jessica collected a few handfuls and then pounded them in my pestle and mortar to make a lovely squelchy mess!

We probably should have passed it all through a sieve before using it and Jessica would have enjoyed doing that but I didn't think about it at the time. It was fascinating stuff to use because it went on red and dried to a lovely deep purple. Amazing magical ink!

This was a lovely process. We enjoyed it so much that we're now trying to come up with other ideas for making paints from nature. I'm think marigold flowers may work pretty well. I'll let you know!

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Kat's Top for Jess

Almost the minute that Jessica and I arrived in Wales, Katryn wanted to get sewing. She's so ambitious and incredibly confident but she also likes to have me around just in case anything goes wrong. On this occasion she was determined to make a top for Jessica and she decided to make it from some off-cuts of a dress that I'd altered for her. The fabric is stretchy and difficult to handle but she coped well. Aside from the finished article being a little bit long and rather snug I think she did a lovely job. 

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Monster Building by itsy bitsy fun

I recently spotted a monster building printable activity on itsy bitsy fun, which is a lovely website with all sorts of lovely things on it. There are loads of different body parts to chose from and they're only mildly irritating to cut out! I have used similar things with Jess before, which she has really enjoyed but once the pieces are laminated they are a bit slippy and those with little fingers can get a touch frustrated. Actually, in all honesty it's probably those with big fingers who want things to stay in the right place who get most annoyed! Anyway, I thought I'd attempt to tackle this issue so I popped to Poundland and picked up a roll of magnetic tape. By sticking some tape to the back of each laminated piece we could use a magnetic board or, in our case, an old baking sheet to keep everything in position. It worked a treat and I'll definitely do it again. Here's Jessica with one of her creations...

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